Photograph – Limited Edition Print

14 x 11inches (framed 21 x 17)    $200
   ©Geri Lindsey

When I started out in the art business, I bought and sold art by artists who were no longer alive, art by older artists who had either stopped making art or were near the ends of their careers, and art in the families of descendents of artists. Through my experience selling these types of art, I've developed techniques that contemporary artists can use to maximize the value of their art now rather than later, and to increase their chances for success both now and in the future. Why should you wait for dealers or galleries to recognize the profit potential of your art when you can enjoy those profits starting today?
Only a small percentage of artists become world famous and make tons of money. Somewhat more artists achieve respectable levels of success within their lifetimes and support themselves entirely by making and selling art. The great majority of artists, however, supplement their art incomes by either teaching art or by working full or part time at jobs not related to art in order to make ends meet. If you fall into the 'great majority' category, you would probably like to increase your art income to the point where you can eventually create and sell art full-time. You can continue to bring home a livable paycheck today, and also lay the groundwork for your future art career self-sufficiency.